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Warning Signs of Elderly Abuse You Need to Know


As people get older, they may need more help from others to help take care of themselves. They are left with no choice
but to rely on someone to help them or opt for caregiving services. This alone can bring a big possibility of someone
mistreating them, whether it’s a family member or a hired caregiver. This is what we called elder abuse.

Elder abuse is a serious issue among seniors. It is when someone harms or neglects a person who is 60 years and older,
and unfortunately, this can happen anywhere, even in their own homes. So if you have an elderly parent who needs extra
help, seeking help from trustworthy providers of elderly care in Napa, California, is a must.

Make sure to check on your elderly parents from time to time and know the warning signs of elderly abuse, which are
listed below:

  • Appear dehydrated or thin and malnourished
  • Depressed, ashamed, panicked, withdrawn, or overly embarrassed
  • Overmedicated, confused, or shaking and very nervous all the time
  • Sudden bank account closing or withdrawals and abrupt changes in their will
  • Have bruises, burns, cuts, or more severe injuries like a broken hip or cracked rib

When it comes to providing reliable senior care in California, we at A Partner in Caring are the right partner you are
looking for. We can help your senior loved ones live the enhanced quality of life they deserve.

So if you have further questions regarding in-home care in Napa, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

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