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Protecting Seniors From Medication Errors


According to the American Medical Association, one out of every five hospital patients has an adverse drug reaction. And
one out of five hospital patients is hospitalized due to medication errors. These errors can lead to significant
complications, including death.

The risk of a medication error is greatest when:

  • The patient is taking multiple medications
  • The medication requires close monitoring (like diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease)
  • There are many steps involved in the administration of the drug (like injections)
  • The patient has poor vision or hearing

If you’re caring for an older adult, here’s what you need to know about preventing medication errors:

  • Use labels on bottles and pillboxes so that you know what each medicine is, how many should be taken, and when
    it should be taken.
  • Keep track of all medications in one place – so you don’t mix up doses or times of the day.
  • Try using color-coded labels on bottles to help differentiate between different types of pills (such as red for
    pain relievers and blue for antibiotics).
  • Keep track of any side effects that occur.

If you’re caring for an elderly loved one, keeping up with their medication can be challenging. That’s why our Home Care
in Napa, CA, is here to help!

A Partner in Caring provides senior care in California, particularly to seniors who require assistance with
medication management.

Our caregivers in Napa,
, are trained in how to properly administer medications and ensure that the patient’s safety is always first
and foremost.

They also have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure high-quality elderly care
in Napa, California

For more information about our caregiving services, contact us today!

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